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53 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto ON M6J 3K7

Street Level Entry, Stairs to Second Floor



Street parking would be the most convenient option. We can make one lot available in the garage IF YOUR BOOKING IS MORE THAN 8 HOURS in length, but it is not as convenient and it will be more labour to park in the garage and carry gear from the back to the front entrance than it will be to unload from the front and find street parking along Gladstone Avenue.  


Garbage is located outside to the right of the building next to the fences. If you have filled the garbage bin in the studio substantially, please bring your garbage down and dispose of it in the appropriate bins after your shoot. 

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ENTRY TO GladstoneLoft UNIT 2

Enter the building with  the keys provided in the lockbox pictured. The code will be sent to you shortly before your shoot. 

Use the Left door marked Unit 2 , the studio is upstairs.



Please exercise common sense and respect for our neighbours. Music can be enjoyed via the multiple speakers found in the studio, but should be set at a reasonable level. Courtesy towards other people in the building is mandatory. Your booking will be cancelled mid-way if we receive complaints from noise such as excessive shouting/screaming or overtly loud music.  


The outdoor area is shared. While renters are allowed to use the space, there should be no expectations of complete privacy.  


We generally do not offer use of the garage unless the shoot is 8 hours or more in duration. Further coordination is needed to give access as it requires a remote. Parking and unloading is also more convenient on Gladstone Avenue. 

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