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Studio Policies

Toronto Photo Studios offers 2 Unique Lofts, brick and beam locations with midcentury modern furniture, and filled to the brim with photo-ready gorgeous plants.

We offer space and equipment rental options, as well as fold-out chairs, tables and backdrops for small gatherings and events such as weddings, pop-ups, media events and the occasional mini concert.

 We operate under COVID protocols set by the province by adhering to all indoor capacity guidlines. 

Studio Policy

  1. Please book online and complete your invoice, or you may lose your timeslot!

  2. We adhere to ALL COVID PROTOCOLS set by the city regarding indoor capacity limits. For updated information, please refer to this site from the City of Toronto.

  3. All shoots should be commercial in nature, meaning an invoice should be issued for work being done in the space. For example, if a model hires a photographer or vice versa. There should be no audience/non-participating parties present unless they are chaperones to models below the age of 18.

  4. Rates posted for our booking system are for crews smaller than ~8. Please contact us for a custom quote if you are a large-scale production with more than 8 crew members. 

  5. No large amplifiers, drums or DJs are allowed in any of our spaces. 

  6. Do touch base with us prior to your booking so you can get instructions and access codes to our spaces. 

  7. Our staff will visit the studio at the end of your booking to ensure that the room is left in its original condition. If there is any damage to the floor / furniture / equipment, you will be asked to reimburse the total cost of the damage. If the room is left untidy, you will be charged a $150 cleaning fee.

  8. Maximum room capacity for our studios follows current guidelines set by the City of Toronto with regards to COVID-19. 

  9. If the number of attendants exceeds maximum capacity, please contact us directly. If you exceed capacity without pre-approval from our team, there will be extra charges at $40 per guest, per hour, for the entire duration of your original booking.

  10. All garbage brought into our studio must be put into garbage bags after your shoot is completed. 

  11. We are pet-friendly, but please let us know in advance.

  12. Our studios are sound stable, but not soundproof, please keep the noise level to a reasonable volume, including any use of music. Our Studio Manager shares an adjoining wall, and will be conscious of any noise levels exceeding our neighbors comfort.

  13. All items must be brought into the studio you are renting. You cannot store equipment or leave items outside our studios at any time. 

  14. If you require a freight elevator for your shoot at GREEN AND GOLD, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to your photoshoot for directions on how to properly use the elevator. 

  15. We are constantly improving our studios, and if a piece of furniture becomes damaged/outdated, we will replace it with another beautiful prop. If you are planning a shoot with a specific prop in mind, please contact us before your booking.

  16. Please note that for the safety of your guests, that we have a security camera installed, as well as smart locks that will note your entry and exit. If the security camera is disabled, staff will arrive on site, or we may alert the building superintendent. If the number of guests exceeds the number originally discussed as part of the booking, or if you exceed the hours booked, we will get in touch promptly. Failure to respond will result in our staff visiting the studio and evaluating if your booking should be terminated early. Additional guests are charged at $40 per guest per hour, for the entire duration of your original booking. 

  17. No parties exceeding 20 guests are allowed in the space, especially past the hours of 11PM. Small intimate gatherings such as Bridal and Baby Showers, family gatherings, workshops, corporate events, private gallery showings, speaker series, brand activations, fashion shows, interview series, tasting events, music video productions, media events and pop-ups are allowed and encouraged in our space, but please be upfront on your intentions on usage of our studio and be respectful of our neighbors. NO ADULT FILMING.

Booking and cancellation policy:

  • All shoots have to be paid in full by the time of booking

  • We only offer studio credit for cancelled bookings subject to calendar availability (no refunds)

  • If you cancel your reservation with over 48 hours notice from your booking, your reschedule fee will be 20% of your booking value

  • If you cancel your reservation within 24- 48 hours of your booking, your reschedule fee will be 50% of your booking value

  • If you cancel within 24 hours of when your booking begins, you will be liable for the full value of the booking


ONE Parking pass is available, please let us know in advance, and return it after you are done. A lost pass results in a $60 replacement fee, as per our cost to our Management. If other spots are taken up by your party without a pass, their vehicles will be towed within an hour. For more parking spots please let us know in advance. 

Please note that the upper loft is not part of your booking. We invite you to use the staircase for shooting or to get an interesting angle for camera, but if access to the upper loft is required, please let us know prior to the shoot. We are happy to accommodate if space is needed. Otherwise, motion detectors will alert us, our staff will arrive on-site and you will lose your entire security deposit.



Prior to each studio session, we ask everyone present to share individual contact information amongst each other to aid in contact tracing should someone on set become ill after the shoot. 

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